About Our Business

About Our Business
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo / Unsplash

Rockin' Robins is run by a small group of girls in 5th class who organise bake sales to raise money. We do one bake sale every couple of months or so and each one is for a different charity. We've done four so far. It started in November 2021.

The first bake sale was in December (2021). We raised money for My Lovely Horse Rescue. We also did one in April (2022) and we raised money for Saint Vincent DePaul. Then we did one in July (2022) and raised money for Unicef. The most recent one we did was in November (2022) for the Late Late Toy Show Appeal.

Before we did bake sales, it was just a small den made of sticks and other bits of wood. The den was in a field next to our school. We hung out there talking about how we wanted to change the world and help stop climate change. Now we don't really hang out in the den anymore though. We have a Whatsapp group instead.

All of our bake sales have been (and will be) in Dublin, Ireland. They're not always in the same place but it will always be in Dublin. If you're not in Dublin (or Ireland) that's OK.

You will also find a few poems or stories on this website if you're interested.