You Might

You might have a cat

that doesn't sit on a mat.

But he might sit on a hat.

What do you think of that?

You might have a car

that can't drive that far.

But it can drive through a bar.

How many cars do you think there are?

You might be a flower

that doesn't have much power.

But can be quite sour.

Would you like to live in a tower?

You might have a dad

that never gets quite mad.

But when he plays football he is bad.

Is your dad's name Chad?

You might like cheese

that never says please.

But is as high as your knees.

Have you ever seen bees?

You might have a table

that has a big label.

But doesn't like to go into a stable.

Have you ever been in a cradle?

You might be a duck

that can't drive a truck.

But always has a lot of luck.

Have you ever made the sound cluck?

You might have a book

that doesn't have a good look.

But is very good at helping you cook.

Do you know Captain Hook?

You might like cake

that doesn't make your tummy ache.

But is definitely not fake.

Have you ever felt the ground shake?

You might have a phone

that doesn't do well on its own.

But is ok when he's with a cone.

Have you ever been alone?

You might like this poem.

You might read it to your family at home.

You might have a garden gnome.

You might like honey come.

You might be able to bend.

You might not like to lend.

You might be able to mend.

I'm sorry but this is the end.