The Fellow

I was walking downtown

and then I looked down

at the flowers below.

Then said hi to a jolly fellow.

He said hi back,

he also had a sack.

The sack was small  

but that wasn't all.

The sack was blue

and the fellow was on his way to the zoo.

But the zoo was closed.

Then the plants got hosed

by a man named Jack.

Then the fellow took off his sack.

He looked inside

and took out a slide.

the slide was orange.

Then I smelt porridge.

The smell came from a shop.

Then I heard someone shout stop!

Somebody was about to cross the street

and there was a car coming at a fast speed.

She did not hear.

The car was now near.

The the fellow jumped out to save her.

She was now safe hopefully forever.

Soon it started to get dark,

on the way home I heard a dog bark.

So I rubbed his head.

At home I got straight into bed.

What a weird and amazing day.

I really wanted to shout hooray.

But it was late at night

and I didn't want anyone to get a fright.

So I shut my eyes and went to sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be someone new to meet.

So good night,

don't let the bed bugs bite!