Oh Fidgets

Oh Fidgets

Oh fidgets oh fidgets they are the best.

I can never stop playing even in a test.

I can't stop playing with my dimple.

Because it is extremely simple.

I love to play with my monkey noodle.

But not as much as my pet poodle.

I love to play with my marble mesh.

As much as all the rest.

I love to fiddle with my bike chain.

It keeps me busy on a big long train.

I love to play with my wacky track.

I got mine off a man named Jack.

I like my pea popper, it's not like the rest.

But I would not say it is the best.

I think my infinity cube is rather nice

I like to play with it while eating rice.

I love to play with my good pop it.

My parents always tell me to stop it.

I enjoy playing with my fidget pad.

Even when my parents say they're bad.

I love to fidget with my fidgets that's what I do.

I hope you can learn to love them too.


(my cousin Julia helped with this poem)